Bismark Basket Earrings Gold

Bismark Basket Earrings Gold

Gold plated raw brass disc studs measuring 15mm featuring 35mm handwoven bilum fibre disc. The ear post is sterling silver.



Bilum & Bilas is a PNG-based social enterprise that supports female artisans to develop a wider market for their crafts and improve their livelihoods.


bilum is an iconic Papua New Guinean string bag holding deep cultural and emotional significance. Bilas is decoration and adornment used throughout Papua New Guinea to celebrate diversity and express one's culture.


Bilum and Bilas' contemporary jewellery is inspired by the beauty and essence of the bilum, and retains the traditional weaving techniques and natural fibres, yet in micro form. Creating intricate representations of bilum technique, streamlines the making process, enabling our small team to optimise production and create stable jobs for Papua New Guinean women with these unique skills. 

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