The Call zine — Katy B Plummer


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The Call, 2018, zine by Katy B Plummer.

A Ghost receives a mysterious phone call. Ready or not, something is coming.

The Call is a prism, each facet refracting an aspect of the nerve-wracking fact that we are being called to account. To whom and for what do we stand accountable? Our forbears, descendants, comrades? The institutions and systems that drain and sustain us? Our past and future selves, inner worlds, time itself? Ancient gods whose names we have forgotten?

Katy B Plummer makes work about the phenomenology of resistance and the politics of ghosts. She juxtaposes cinematic storytelling with anachronistic domestic textile practices and the camp aesthetics of high school theatre. Through performance, video, and large-scale textiles, her work announces that history is a haunted house, and that horror and witchcraft are legitimate poetic and political strategies.

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