WITCH SHOP zine — Katy B Plummer


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WITCH SHOP zine & fold-out poster, by Katy B Plummer, 2022. commissioned by Cement Fondu.

Contemporary Art’s breakup with religion and hookup with capitalism has given it some anxious complexes about money and purity. WITCH SHOP is a magical gesture aimed at exorcising Art’s weird money hangups from my practice, and offering other more sustainable models of making and distributing work. The objects in WITCH SHOP are small accessible pieces that operate as artworks, functional objects and witchy tools.

Katy B Plummer makes work about the phenomenology of resistance and the politics of ghosts. She juxtaposes cinematic storytelling with anachronistic domestic textile practices and the camp aesthetics of high school theatre. Through performance, video, and large-scale textiles, her work announces that history is a haunted house, and that horror and witchcraft are legitimate poetic and political strategies.

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