Spirit — Zane Edwards


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Spirit, 2022. Unglazed Raku, 17cm x 15cm x 3cm.

Edwards’ quadtych of ceramic tablets are an internal expression of the feeling of ’spirit’. With the tangible feeling of a/the spirit being a transitory and short-lived experience, the works were made and marked with an unconscious (perhaps possessed) hand, after asking “What does it look like to feel a spirit?”

Zane Edwards is a queer multidisciplinary artist living and working on Gadigal and Woiwoung Land. They continue to show work in Australia around their Eora home and Interstate. Their work is a typology of thoughts through symbols of the natural world, patterns that show themselves in places disturbed and agitated, and in spaces that are un-touched by something inherently conscious. With clay as a prodominant medium, the push for experimentation with glaze and tactile form excelled into a practice of subconscious mark making through tangible feeling and devotional ritualism. Edwards’ graduated from a Bachelor of Fine arts with a major in ceramics.

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