2 Sydney Stylists — Taji Head Wrap


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45×12” (115×30 cm) – Small Ideal for Beginner level

100% wax cotton. Hand Wash in cold water, or machine wash on cold with like colours. Hang to dry. Iron on opposite side of pattern.

The Taji head wrap is all the crown you need! The name actually does mean crown in Swahili and it has a crown print.

2 Sydney Stylists is a transdisciplinary Creative Agency helping brands, artists, and organisations create content accessible to socially and culturally diverse audiences. They host workshops, produce events and exhibitions, design for visual and performing arts, and facilitate community engagement and audience development in the arts and cultural industries. The duo works at the intersection of their decade long experiences across design, business and community development.

Keep an eye on our Instagram @cementfondu, for a zoom head wrapping tutorial by 2 Sydney Stylists. With multiple head wrap designs to choose from, you can access 2 Sydney Stylist’s Guide to Picking Colour here:

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