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Sometimes in our lives, we have to carry things that are hard to carry. Sometimes they are hard to carry because they’re heavy, or slippery, or oddly-weighted or awkwardly shaped. Sometimes they are hard to carry because they are made of mist, or shadows, or some hypothetical substance like dark matter. Sometimes they happened yesterday, sometimes they happened to our great grandmothers, sometimes they haven’t happened yet, but we still carry them.

OBJECTS FOR CONTAINMENT is a service to help you contain something that you’re finding hard to carry. Meet with Katy and tell her about your tricky thing; maybe it’s a person you’ve wrestled with for lifetimes, maybe you feel spooked by a room in your house, maybe your own shadow is unsettling you.

Katy won’t try to fix it, she’s not a therapist. She will listen to the story, ask questions, and try to intuit the shape of it. Then she will go away and make you a Containment Object.

This object isn’t made to fix the problem or make it go away. Its function will be to help you hold it, so that you can either begin to unravel it, or so that you can more easily bear it. Sometimes the object will be for you to keep, sometimes you will be asked to do something with it when it has performed it’s function.

The initial consult will take place over zoom, and the delivery of the object will occur in person at WITCH SHOP by October 1.

Payment plans are welcome, please get in touch at to organise this.

Katy B Plummer makes work about the phenomenology of resistance and the politics of ghosts. She juxtaposes cinematic storytelling with anachronistic domestic textile practices and the camp aesthetics of high school theatre. Through performance, video, and large-scale textiles, her work announces that history is a haunted house, and that horror and witchcraft are legitimate poetic and political strategies.

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