The Hypochondriac zine — Katy B Plummer


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The Hypochondriac by Katy  B Plummer.

Moliere’s last play The Hypochondriac, translated from the original French with the awkward, syntactically inept help of Google Translate, is brought to the tele-stage with a single actor playing the roles of countless characters, as a bumbling, drooling child-prop crawls around, repeatedly breaking the fourth wall.

Meanwhile, Moliere himself roams the streets and alleys of Paris. He is horrified by a burgeoning knowledge that his world teems with illness-inducing bacteria. 

He tries to distract himself with various earthly activities, thereby burying his terror. 

He discovers, to his dismay, that once a thing is known, it cannot be un-known.

Katy B Plummer makes work about the phenomenology of resistance and the politics of ghosts. She juxtaposes cinematic storytelling with anachronistic domestic textile practices and the camp aesthetics of high school theatre. Through performance, video, and large-scale textiles, her work announces that history is a haunted house, and that horror and witchcraft are legitimate poetic and political strategies.

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