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The Boat Tote


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Black Birds is a Sydney based company which was founded in 2015 by Ayeesha Ash & Emele Ugavule. The company is led by Artistic Director, Ayeesha Ash, with support from Associate Artist, Sela Vai.

Black Birds was created as a response to the lack of representation & misrepresentation of Womxn of Colour in the Australian arts industry. With each project, creatives are invited to collaborate on works that dissect and document the female Black and Brown diasporic experience in Australia through art and performance in a variety of mediums and spaces – both theatrical and non-theatrical. Black Birds prides itself on making work that is intersectional, interdisciplinary and intercultural. We strive to create work that is culturally, financially and physically accessible; work that challenges the norm and starts the conversation.

The Boat Tote – fun, functional and funny. An eco friendly bag that’s big enough to fit your laptop, but small enough to stop you from carrying anyone else’s emotional baggage. Inspired by the Black Birds work ‘Our Visions Begin With Our Desires’.

Dimensions: 38 x 41cm

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