Maya Kilic — Still Life (Ants)


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Still Life (Ants), 2020. (video still) Archival Pigment Print 297 x 420 mm Edition of 3.

This newly produced print comes from an on-going project titled ‘Great Escapes’ by artist Maya Kilic. Great Escapes is a series of related video works where the artist transplant herself into a series of phantasmic virtual realities. Using photography, animation and video, Kilic creates multifaceted worlds that depict ‘the real’ as an interplay of physical, virtual and imagined realms. Screen-based softwares allow her to virtually integrate into the marvellous structure of the natural world by embracing elements of digital artifice. By constructing kitschy fantasy worlds for herself to inhabit, the artist a ‘great escape’ from systemic norms of photography and feminine self-imaging by creating new models for documenting ‘the real’ that is more open, playful and imaginative. In turn, transporting the viewer out of the everyday and into the edifice of my fabulist dreamscape.

Maya Kilic (b. 1998) is a mixed-media artist working within the field of digital photography, video and animation. Based in Sydney Australia, Kilic autobiographically explores an exciting new perspective of life as a young person living in a digitally prevalent era. Personal struggles ranging from cultural belonging to feminine identity are playfully explored in relation to pop culture influences, internet culture, adolescence, dreams and fantasy. Kilic’s practice introduces an alternate way of documenting life by representing ‘the real’ as an interplay of physical, virtual and imagined worlds.

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