Silkensap — Rachis Altar Candle



Reclaim the ritual of night, with the Rachis Altar Candle

100% organic beeswax – wick dyed with lac (a natural dye made from the secrections of the scale insect Laccifer lacca.) Available in two colour variations, ‘original’ and  ‘Hygrocybe’

In a time of digital oversaturation – of our attention being programmed by billions of pixels and LED lust – an analogue light is scarcely seen. As humans, we have co-evolved with fire, our eyes and minds being evolved by the firelight just as much as we have evolved the fire into more refined forms such as candles. Developing a relationship with candlecraft, and surrounding myself with candlelight, has felt like an antidote to this digital saturation. The flame of a candle is a locus of light that flickers but holds me steady. The candle signifies to me the soft passage of time without quantifying it.

Handcast in Sydney on Gadigal Country by Silkensap Studio.

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