Andrew Christie
Necklace Extra Large


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Silver necklace with cement piece.

Please note cement piece is designed to crumble off, revealing silver piece.

Andrew Christie is a Sydney-based artist whose multidisciplinary practice expresses the ability of aesthetics to occupy and negotiate political landscapes while paradoxically admitting the futility of arts own efficacy. Often addressing his cultural heritage or engaging in community-based practice, his works offer a subtle humour in contrast to the often sombre or unforgiving subject matter. Ironic forms of transgression urge the viewer to think beyond the limits of divisive political opposition.

Christies practice has involved the publishing of cultural rule books in relation to the Cyprus Conflict, the literal collection and utilisation of dust from library archives, running full-length marathons within museum walls and transforming notable locals from the Mid-West New South Wales town of Kandos into miniatures to be sold as part of his Public Figures series.

Dimensions: 5cm x 3.5cm

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