Troy-Anthony Baylis — Handklatschen 3 Cheers 4 Aboriginal Art


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Handklatschen 3 Cheers 4 Aboriginal Art, 2016. Hand-drawn ink on readymade German fußball supporter objects. Signed and numbered. Edition of 100.


I’ve always thought of these art objects as having agency, waving fancifully through the streets on parade: Let’s make some noise for Aboriginal Art! Given that the colours of the German flag are the same as the Aboriginal flag, I am reminded of the histories of atrocity in Germany and Australia and how as contemporary societies we are trying and need to find ways of moving forward. As a frequent visitor, I believe Germany is scoring better at reconciling through innovative cultural and institutional change. I recognise that many Australians are doing their best to acknowledge the past, and also understand that the kinds of injustices of the past are manifested and disguised in new ways today.