In response to our time of ecological crisis, BETTER NATURE is a new annual program of art and events that embrace the complex entanglement between human and non-human worlds. Through a gallery exhibition and an expanded series of performances, activations, workshops and talks, the program will seek to inspire our better natures, igniting curiosity, appreciation and care for all species on this living, breathing planet. 

Each year, BETTER NATURE will explore different ecological ideas from a more-than-human perspective, challenging our prevailing human-centric paradigm to create moments of collective clarity and hope. In 2022, BETTER NATURE facilitates experiences around four haptic nodes: Listening, Growing, Touching and Watching to engage the senses and bring people gently back into a space of feeling, caring and connecting.

Offering an alternative to images of environmental disaster, which can induce fear, guilt or panic, sensing encounters create new ways of connecting with ecological issues and invite shared moments of ‘collective clarity and hope’. The program of events expands from the inaugural BETTER NATURE exhibition, Virtue & Virtuosity, which presents works of virtuosity, drawing attention to the murky areas between performance and authenticity, individualism and collective responsibility, action and inaction.

We invite you to join us in reconnecting with our better natures.


We acknowledge the Bidjigal and Gadigal people of the Eora Nation,

the Traditional Custodians of the land upon which Cement Fondu stands.